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A unique collaboration of sport, arts and cultural activity supporting the development of essential life skills of young people.

Derby Opportunity Area are committed to closing Derby’s social mobility gap. #ThisIsDerby is a key project tackling this issue, led by Derby County Community Trust, Derby’s Cultural Education Partnership and Derby Sport Forum. We are empowering young people to improve essential life skills such as resilience, emotional well-being and employability. The project supports the work of the Derby Opportunity Area, which aims to increase the number of children achieving a good level of development, improved attainment in schools and benefiting from a broad range of experiences.

Vision & Aims

The vision is to use the power of sport, arts and cultural activities to improve the essential life skills of young people in Derby. We believe that this will enable the city to overcome one of the most serious challenges of our time. We would hope to see a city where young people are thriving regardless of their circumstances.

Why it matters

In Derby there are thousands of young people who are born with the odds stacked against them through no fault of their own. They are less likely to achieve in school, they are more likely to become unemployed, become involved in crime and have lower life expectancy than their more affluent peers.

Our Partners

Our partnership is led by Derby County Community Trust, Derby Cultural Education Partnership and Derby Sport Forum. Derby County Community Trust use the power of Derby County FC to improve people's lives, Derby's Cultural Education Partnership provides high quality artistic, cultural and educational experiences, and Derby Sport Forum is a collective of community based sports clubs and groups in Derby.

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The story so far

So far we have engaged over 2,000 young people in sports, arts and cultural activities as either a participant or volunteer. We have established 10 hubs in 9 of the most deprived wards and a SEND hub where we have delivered 120 hours a week of activities. In our communities we have held 5 roadshow events with 1 big celebration on Saturday 13th July.

This is derby This is derby


Developing skills & confidence

We have been using activities to develop young people’s essential life skills by taking part in regular extra-curricular activities that develop non-cogitative skills.

The skills that we are trying to develop include:

  • Resilience, perseverance and persistence
  • Hard work, self-control, discipline, good time keeping
  • Self-confidence, leadership and team working
  • Honesty, integrity and engaged citizenship
  • Attitude, respect and empathy
  • Curiosity and problem solving

Opportunities for everyone

“I’ve had to overcome challenges such as teamwork, making friends fast, and trying things out of my depth”

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Be part of it & make a difference

Through partnerships with a wide range of arts, culture and sporting organisations, there are many activities and opportunities for young people taking place across Derby. Help spread the word to let young people know they can take part and get involved – tell them about this website so they can explore what’s on! 

Take Part

Your community

Find out what’s been happening so far in your community and how it’s making a difference to where you live.

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