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Wednesday 29th Jun 2022

Animation sessions with QUAD

Location: Ivy House, Royal School for the Deaf, St Andrew’s, St Clare’s, St Giles, St Martins

Students worked alongside artist Abbie Canning over four weeks, to learn a number of different digital apps and engage in creative digital exploration and play. 

Sessions were centred around the theme of kindness – to ourselves, each other and the planet – with the sunflower being used as a signifier.

Students learnt a variety of animation techniques both digital – working directly on ipads – and 3D – animating sunflowers, petals, leaves and planets created from plasticine. Students created ‘mini me’ characters from images taken with cameras and a green screen, in order to animate themselves marching with placards and banners they had made containing messages around the theme of kindness.

Students were given opportunity to experience and create drawings and further imagery using virtual reality headsets, conductive paint, digital design APPs as well as decorate huge cardboard panels which will be brought together to form a giant planet earth.

“In our weekly ‘Achievement of the Week’ this morning a good number of the group cited the work on Wednesday as their best learning and success” Ivy House staff

“It’s been fun” St Andrew’s Student

“I liked animating” St Andrew’s Student

“This is just the sort of thing that this young person needs. It’s great for him” St Andrew’s Staff