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Wednesday 29th Jun 2022

Movement with Hubbub Theatre Company

Location: Ivy House, Royal School for the Deaf, St Andrew’s, St Clare’s, St Giles, St Martins

Hubbub has been working in the SEND Hub using physical theatre and movement to explore the theme of Kindness. Each school has had its own response and we have differentiated according to the groups we have worked with.  Students have created a march of kindness, inspired by our street theatre piece ‘The (not so) Quiet Revolution if Kindness’,  a counter balance movement routine to ‘Lean on Me’, movement pieces in groups, pairs and solo to ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ and photos stories of Random Acts of Kindness in action.

Students have learned how to work together with respect and encouragement. Many have taken risks and tried new things, building confidence and communication skills. Some students have discovered hidden talents, or had the courage to share talents that they hadn’t been able to before. Resilience, focus, commitment and team work, sometimes leading, sometimes following have all been key areas of development.

Engagement in the theme has been excellent and inspired thoughts and action around kindness to ourselves, others and our environment.

“Big sunflower dancing”  St Giles Student

“Fantastic.  It’s really exciting”.  Royal School for the Deaf Student