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Wednesday 29th Jun 2022

World Environmental Day 2019

World Environmental Day took place on the 5th of June 2019. Our tutors facilitated a day based on environmental stability where they taught our young people about the ways they can contribute towards sustaining the environment through recycling and composting which are both ways of practicing sustainability they can do within the Baby People studio. The young people were taught about how recycling and composting is beneficial to our natural environment and the detrimental impact consumption and waste has on the world. The young people then created music and art based around and inspired by nature, the environment and sustainability. They also learnt what types of materials can and cannot be recycled to encourage them to recycle correctly. World Environmental Day, which is celebrated across the globe, is a good way for our young people to learn about their impact on earth and what they can do to live more sustainable lives and reduce their waste and consumption.