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Monday 16th December 2019

Feeling Green

Jessica Taal is a student at Castle Donington College

Hey there, everyone.
I’ve been procrastinating about writing this blog for a long time now – I should’ve gotten down to it ages ago, but I think we all know how intentions seem to get lost in the fray. As a matter of fact, procrastination feels like all that’s surrounding our political world at the moment: parties avoiding deadlines, obfuscating over how they’re actually going to address the climate crisis. This is the problem; we have a deadline that really matters and we cannot ignore it. There’s no more room for “I’ll get to it later” here. We all have to be making a difference here and now. Life is hectic for all of us in our own ways – we have what feels like a never-ending list of priorities what with grades or work, family crises and beyond – but if everyone helps how they can and we try our best to get through to the powers at be, amidst their petty quarrels for dominance, we stand a chance at saving our beautiful planet and the innocent natural life on it, as well as life as we know it.

I’m planning to write in this blog as often as I can, because this is something we need to be discussing actively.


Jessica Taal